1. There are 2 ways to register on this site. Depending on your state's registration laws you should be able to complete digital registration here or defer to complete the application via mail.
  2. But isn't voting pointless? A big part of being a skateboarder is making choices. Through those choices, and through your actions, you play a crucial role in shaping what skate culture looks and feels like. In part, skateboarding is yours. You support all types and kinds of brands, you make your own videos, boost your city and crew, maybe even start your own companies. It’s in your hands.
    The same goes for our country. And yet, midterm elections average under 40% voter turnout, and recent elections have been won by tiny margins. So forgive the cliché when we say, now more than ever, that every vote matters.
    The American political machine is run by established interests who actually want, who prefer that you stay home on voting day. The fewer of us who vote, the more the votes of the establishment count. So, if you decide voting is stupid and pointless, you're doing exactly what they hope you'll do—staying out of the way and letting the rich and powerful decide what our country looks and feels like. But remember: it's yours.
  3. Who cares? You do. You care about an activity that bruises and often hurts you, care enough to keep going even when you bleed. As a skater you are part of community of people who care about what you ride, your local spots, your scene and your friends. SkatersVote is not content to see us waste our care by being silent on voting day. SkatersVote has no interest in telling you how you care about taxes, borders, or guns. The military and our veterans. Healthcare. Education. You care, so show it through registering, voting and then making your voice heard.
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