About & Why to Register?

SkatersVote was created with the simple goal of encouraging skateboarders to register to vote.

This website is designed to be a simple, easy-to-use and share resource to facilitate registration of skateboarders, and hopefully assist you in making your voice heard through voting.

November's midterm elections are coming up quick and we want to help register as many skaters as possible in time to vote. Deadlines for registration vary slightly FROM STATE TO STATE ( check to get info on your state), but middle-October is a general, rough cut-off. Which means... let's go.

SkatersVote is not affiliated with any political party or campaign. It exists because skateboarders care about the world around them and it’s important that their voices are heard - whatever side / ideals that may be.

SkatersVote is open to all skaters, skate companies, skate shops, and the rest of the community to use, run with it, make it their own and help register and get as many skaters voting as we collectively can.

Our backbone for this site is the Rock The Vote open source platform. You can visit SKATERSVOTE FAQ section for links to learn more about registration, getting ready to vote and how to host your own voter registration events.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, and please - share with your friends so they do the same. Skateboarding is rad in a lot of ways, and giving a shit is one of them.